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When it comes to Safari on your Mac, it brings a wide range of extension or plug-ins to make the experience of your internet Anyway, if you have installed extension or plugin that you have it on the particular time for anything or you just find that crashing out your process, then this article helps you to remove from your Safari in Mac.

When you perform to delete the extension or plugin these process totally different and it functioned to remove with two parts.

How to Delete Safari Extension on Mac from Safari App:

* Open Safari App–>Safari Menu–>Preferences

* Extension tab

* And choose any extension that you want to remove and Click ”Uninstall”

* Conform it to delete from the Safari Extension

Above the step that you can repeat to delete the other extension.

How to Manually Remove Safar Extension on Mac:

* Skip Safari on Mac

* Finder–>Command+Shift+G–>Folder from the Menu


* Select Go and delete any extension that you want to remove from Safari

* Once you have done, reload the Safari Via: OS X Daily

How to Remove Plugins for Mac:

For this you can use third-party application once you have downloaded and installed MacClean, it can help you to manage all of your plugins, extension and more that you get all result in one place.

* Download the install the application–>Choose Optimization Tools–>Extension Manager

* Select any Plugins and Click Remove button Via: imobie

That’s it.

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