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You don’t want to skip your favorite browser in Windows computer to run Apple’s Safari browser, because the developers who wants to make authorize or give up some users to work with older Safari browser. But the moment completely changes with new updated and it will turn to download and install the Safari browser in Windows 10. In the past, that Safari developer held the connection on Windows. Still, there are so many features left out, and also the updated doesn’t bring the security repairs. For that reason, it will not reach most of the users to make download the Safari browser in Windows 10, But thing you can find the place.

It can use most who well experienced with this browser to download and install the Safari in Windows.

The Easy Way You Can Download for Windows PC:

* Open your Windows, and load the any browser and add the link


* Save the SafariSetup.exe

* Once you setup, you can select the Run to make install through Windows support.

* Before you are installing the Safari, you can make uncheck the supporting software, so you can make secure your Windows, because this browser edition still stands old version.

* After your completion, you can load the Safari in your Windows 10.


Before using this application, you need to secure your Windows, because this is an older version of Safari, and it will not go to support by Apple.com. This program not development mode, and this one blocked. You are well your own risk when you want to work in Windows 10.

Via: OS X Daily 

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