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What your computer made in the past decade, that right now your smart phone gives enough data to access very convenient in our life. This brings to connecting with friends, share images, transfer your thoughts and you do a lot more things.

After becoming a popular mobile device in our busy life, it can hold a plenty of information, such data never go to unauthorized people using the phone. Anyway, you can select to restrict your gallery or other files, it shows people unnatural views and repeat against and you can set to hide important from others.

Hide Files and Folders:

This one not come easy, but you can hide the folders or files on your Android phone. If you have bundles of pictures that you don’t want to list on your gallery. You want to secure those pictures, all you have to do pick the file manager. If it’s not preinstalled, then you can choose third-party application like ES File Explorer. It comes first to make you easy and free of service.

Once you have file manager, you can replace your photos into a new folder with full stop. The name you create should be inappropriate, and no one can view those stuff on your phone. While moving in this way it will be a safe and secure.

Hide Apps from Phone App Drawer:

Same like an insecure photos, there are apps on your Android phone that you don’t want to display others. Installing and uninstalling isn’t coming much easier, if you are out from your home or office, your mobile data comes to use. In that way, you can choose third-party application comes help you finish with the process.

You can find Nova Launcher to install on your phone, it can find a better solution to hide the apps. Same like this there are some more apps available on the Google Play Store. You can give a try on your Android phone.

Via: Indiatimes


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