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Easy Way Check Your Windows PC's RAM for Problems

If it’s you computer instability? Maybe your system device has a problem with RAM. To test, you can use Windows hidden system tool or third-party application to download and reboot with an advance feature.

While considering this two method of tools it has a different way to read your computer data of each and every component of your system device and after the system performed well it return to normal position. If you find your system has various authentication then your Windows RAM has consult error.

How to test your Windows Memory Diagnostic:

Easy Way Check Your Windows PC's RAM for Problems

1. Start Menu

2. Type Windows Memory Diagnostic

3. Enter the button

4. Otherwise, you can use Windows Key + R and Type ”mdsched.exe” and Run the dialog box. And give the Enter button.

5. A Small Window will open Windows Memory Diagnostic–> Check your computer for memory problems–> under Click ”Restart now and check for problems (recommended)”. Before you do this you have saved everything. Because your PC will start immediately to reboot the system.

6. Finally, your computer gives a clear status message if any problems have been identified that will be notified you.

7. One’s it complete the process, your PC start reboots automatically and brings his normal position. Once you log in your computer the test result will display you.

8. If your computer has Windows 10 then the result didn’t find you automatically on your computer.

But here you can find with easy method:

Easy Way Check Your Windows PC's RAM for Problems

1. Right-click Start button.

2. Event Viewer

3. If you are using Windows 7 OS then open the Windows Run dialog box.

4. Type ”eventvwr.msc” and Enter the button.

5. Windows Logs–>System –> Find–> Type Memory Diagnostic in Find box –> Find Next.

Finally, you can able to see the result of Windows Memory Diagnostic in a separate window.

That’s it.

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