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Google officially launched a new Android Oreo. If you are using continuations Android phone, then you will receive this operating system. But the phone you have latest handset then you will get an update. The site CNET pointed out the available feature in Android Oreo.

Here are the complete features that you can see in your Android Oreo operating system.

Adds New Emojis:

Now, the company Google brings more advantage for emojis with cartoons, and you can easily identified what kind of things that going to express.

Picture in picture (Pip):

Through Android Oreo, you can make video calls from Google’s Duo or you can watch video in chrome with Pip mode. This option comes very simple with tapping on home button when you start you playing the video.

Shortcuts and Widgets:

When you use Android Nougat, you have to press the app icon for long durations to run the app shortcuts. But in the Android Oreo, the shortcuts well treated. Along with this you can try the app widgets from the shortcut menu on the information screen.

Android New Settings Menu:

The new Settings have been modernized. And you don’t find out slideout menu in this Android Oreo.

Adds Smart Text:

A new text selection tool, which is a smart text selection for Android Oreo. Double-tap to choose the text automatically to make highlight when you approach to copy the content. Otherwise, you can choose the app shortcut that will be available next to Copy button to make faster to send someone.

Check Your Apps and Device:

While the Google interested to more to keep their apps and device more secured and now this feature reached into the Android Oreo. This feature you can find in the phone Settings under the Security. From there you can find the required of scan and when they has the app scanned.

This feature not for the Android Oreo, it reaches all the Android supporting devices as well.

Enable Wi-Fi Automatically:

When you left out of your home and you disconnect the Wireless, again, you are entering you don’t worry about the connection. This Android Oreo brings automatically.

Battery Settings:

In this Android Oreo, you can check out the battery statistic gets more powered. When you open the apps statistic, finds out the active usage and their background.

Night Light:

Through on this you can tint your blue light screen. While doing on this you can easily see on your phone screen or reading ability in night mode.

You can more find out the option, when you click the link below.


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