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All Windows users have Notepad experienced for a long time. This simple notepad tool has come through all Windows operating systems.

The usage of this application, you don’t find little error that much of amount it has a lot of useful things. You can find a plenty of features with a single click. Then why there are a lot of tools which based on Notepad and why they are popular in some area? Here it comes the answer to you with the best Windows Notepad alternatives.


This application was very popular what it has the good things. The tool was named the best whoever using the app on their Windows. This was designed for coding and developing, but the option gets famous from the arrival throughout the people who need more and more functionality. You can find there are plenty of things which come instantly that you don’t find on Microsoft’s Windows. In this tool, you can find a line for numbers, search tool, tabs, syntax, zoom, and more.

With Notepad++, you can hunt a lot through on their plugins. Even, you can search spell checker, FTP, HEX editor, and a lot things you can do.


If you are Notepad user and you want to set organize them, then you turn immediately into QOwnNotes. Although there are many popular to-do applications like we can say Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote, and also recent arrived of Microsoft To-Do, and these all come, but the most of users they believe Notepad to create a list and stay with organizing the documents. Whether you want to do a very simple thing, then this QOwnNotes application will find the way.

With this app, you can organize all notes, projects, folders, rich text, pictures, and hyperlinks. Along with this, you can add calculators, import from Evernote. It can sync the data through Calendar Plus with AES-256 encryption mode.

Not only this application, there little more like Syncplify.me Notepad, PSPad, EditPad Lite, GetDiz which I have seen on MakeUseOf site.

Via: MakeUseOf

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