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Whenever you meet and open PDF file that comes standardized, if you want to share some of information, first you need to see the file you send that will display the same thing to your recipients. But at the same time, when you decide to edit the PDF individually, it could be a tough for you not always.

You can work with paid or free program. You can see more tools when you buy the product, but if you choose free then it works all kinds of product on your desktop and mobile phone, for this Google Docs will connect through out.

For test, if your file PDF, you can try with Google Drive through browser with sign in which you register with Google. Even you can make succeed with mobile phone through browser, so you can serve as a desktop from your mobile.

* First, you need to upload the PDF file, once you click the New button on the left hand side, next File Upload and choose PDF and wait for the result from Google’s Server get accepted.

* Once you find the file in your Google Drive, you can give right-click or tap on the file in the main view. Choose ”Open with” and click ”Google Docs.” Your PDF docs will load in a browser tab in Google Docs.

* After setting up, you are welcome to edit any text through PDF docs if the file standard. If the file becomes a larger, then Docs set automatic output in the pages.

* You can edit and save the file in Google Docs for later viewing. If you are getting to serve offline, you can click File–>Download from there you can find Docx, TXT, and few more file format, so your service become much easier with Microsoft Office.

That’s it.

Via: How To-Geek

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