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If you are using iOS 11 compatible devices iPhone, then here is a new improvement that you can restore your unknown and junk SMS which comes to a new tab situated in Message app. These junk SMS doesn’t appear in your inbox, even these SMS doesn’t alert you anymore. Here you can learn to restore Junk SMS from iOS 11.

When you choose the app that gives you a best in all the format and here you go and check it out SMS filtering app if it has a whitelist option. If your iPhone has filtering SMS then you get to go with those apps. When you use these apps you need to find Whitelist, if it’s listed then your process comes much easier to restore the junk SMS and displays in your inbox.

SMS apps work in a different framework if the SMS arrived into the account the app checks whether the message is spam or not. Apple user can use the same guidelines to stop iMessage spam. The iMessage can work easily to make filtering from unknown.

Your smartphone use SMS filtering app, it can identify junk messages, all you have to do add the contact and the SMS will be available on inbox.

First of all, if you added contacts, then you no need to remove from the unknown or junk SMS tab, even the app doesn’t have a whitelist, if you decided to delete the app, then you can find some other way. While removing the app, the SMS will be available for deleting. If the number sends again the junk SMS, you can’t filter out. You have to add and remove the filers.

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