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It can possible now a day everything from your phone, if you are using an iPhone, you can block callers by choosing any particular person’s number or contact, that not perfect functionality to do that. If you want to do stop all the callers ID that also comes to your iPhone. The site OS X Daily pointed about blocking unknown and No callers ID to prevent from unknown call that do any condition to their contact number.

To perform this action, if someone not in your phone contact list, then you can prepare for block the unknown calls. Here is the step that you can get the point from here.

* Open Settings app from iPhone–> ”Do Not Disturb”

* Slide to move ”Manual” to make the switch On with green rounded button

* Tap ”Allow Calls From” this can give a two (Favorite and All Contacts) option to make restrictions

Finally, you can make an exit from the iPhone’s Settings app.

Note: While selecting ”All Contacts” the phone number and address that will not visible in your iPhone contacts, if anyone make you call that will be missed calls, before you do check out the number it’s known number, you can add the contact to get call in future.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

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