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The popular CARROT Weather App has gone viral in App store and the developer received a countless number of awards in App Store. That making a funny style of forecast results. Finally, the App made an entry into Google Play Store. If you are using Android phone then this special treatment available on your device.

With this application, you can approach plenty of features in preview, storms, and search the forecasts a week, before it can reach. What most of the apps find the way – but using CARROT app it make comical output and guiding into the weather through inner design.

This CARROT app shows some other nice features like graphics to change the weather, and find you a game that display locations on the map. And also you can find premium pack bring $4 a year that unlocks to apply widget and weather data in the past years.

If you are bored with plain weather app which available on your phone, then you an try this CARROT on your Android. This app makes a new entery in play store as a beta version. That’s it.

Source: CARROT Weather

Via: TNW

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