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If you are avid Chrome user then you can test out something new in advance. FacePause for Chrome extension brings you a new idea through browser that detect your face motion, and other features. Watching video, if you turn the face away from the screen, the extension will perform automatically to make pause the YouTube. For this you need to use webcam and that can do pretty things. These are the experiement that how the extension involved to make pause the YouTube video. To learn this you need to follow a few step the finish.

First, you need to enable the experiemental web platform. Load the Chrome browser and follow below path.


After, install FacePause from Chrome web store and enter into YouTube. On the YouTube page bottom, you can see a pop-up switch to enable the feature from the extension side. Once you completed, you may go through to give permit Chrome to run the webcam. Open, and you need to see directly on the webcam so it can identify your face easily to play smooth YouTube video.

Now, you can test, when you play YouTube video, you can look away, YouTube video automatically gets paused. This extension not only point that you look away, and also if you leave from the place or your turn the face somewhere. That’s it.

Source: FacePause

Via: Addictivetips

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