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There are plenty of free text editor software on the web. For example: We can point out Notepad++, Caditor, GNU Emacs and more. These are text that comes handy for any coders. Anyway, if you want to try something new and you don’t want to try regular programs for your code, then you can go through SciTte, and this brings a free text editing software and this can manage by anyone. Let’s you want to know about this application and you want to try on your Windows computer, here it is.

After you downloading this tool from their official site, you no need to install the software on your computer, it comes a portable software. All you have to simply click on .exe file to load the software on your PC.

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* Load the file–>Open or create a file then choose File–> New

* If you want to export, then you go through File–>Export–>as you can select HTML/RTF/PDF/ and more.

* To run normal search, you can go through Search–>Find. Next you can find Empty box from their you can add the text. After the application start searching automatically.

Either you want to search one or more files or directory, you can start from Search–>Find in files. On the way, you can add text that you want to get result, files or extension, and directory. Once you setup you can search, through clicking the Find button. To know more detail. Below link find you more result onboard.

Source: scintilla.org

Via: TheWindowsClub

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