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If you want to work with your Windows PC in night day, then you can enable dark mode through from Windows machine. Here you can get the details.

Mac OS user can higher the dark mode, but at the same time, you know about this function that available on your Windows OS?

You know about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is released a few years back that brings you a dark mode on your Windows computer. Which gives up the black screen instead of the white screen. If you are coder then you can use this dark mode in advance.

All you have to do start your Windows computer, get into Settings from your PC. To run this function, you can use multiple ways, first, you can use shortcut keys Windows+I. Either you don’t give up, you can click Windows icon and move into the taskbar and click Cog wheel icon.

After that, click Personalization icon, and Colors. At the bottom in Color menu, you can see ”Choose your default app mode” with Dark and Light mode.

Once you enable Dark mode, you can see the Windows background looks dark-gray with white text and runs almost any default Windows 10.

Note: This Dark mode doesn’t work in File Explorer. In future, you can see this function.

That’s it.

Source: CNET

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