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When you wanted to copy the text into the particular source, then you can choose Windows it has a default Clipboard function and it makes you so easy. Anyway, while doing the process you may encounter with all text formatting from the original source. While removing the formatting particular text through the manual process you will get the job done. For this process, you may go with a PureText application which is available on the Windows Store or Official Site.

Try PureText on your Windows 10 OS:

This simple software available for download with ZIP format, after you Unzip the file it comes PureText.exe. All you have to do make double click on the file to Run the file. When you start run the program it will shows PT icon and that pop ups near to Windows 10 taskbar. Find and right click on the PT icon to display through Windows bottom menu with extra features.

To preform this function through PureText, you just use Hotkey to copy the text instead of using shortcut CTRL+V. Anyway, first you need to setup the software.

  • To run this, make right-click on the tool icon and choose ‘Options’ from the pop-up. As a default, the Hotkey comes with WINDOWS+V. If you want to make it easy Hotkey then you have a chance to perform own. And also you can set automatically run the application on Windows background whenever your computer starts.
  • If you are using an updated version of Windows 10 computer then you may go through the Windows Store to download the PureText application. From the Store Download and installation comes much easier rather than the official site. And also the tools gets automatically updates.
  • In future, if you want to make uninstallation the program, it will come easy doing Right-Click on the PT icon and select ‘Exit’ feature. Once you have done the exit program, go and visit the saved file location of PureText and remove completely from your system. To stay with more with this application, just click below link to find the good opportunity for your Windows 10. That’s it.

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