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More than 300 plus million users now using WeChat is able to access free text, voice call and video call performance and it’s now adding a great new feature through his update version. Timeful is a resourceful application playing on iPhone, it has a calendar and to-do lists that all comes in one combined roof to know everything about them. Now the app getting into a new update on the App store.

WeChat for Windows Phone Update Features:

Recall the last message you send within two minutes
Select multiple photos and send them in chats
Open WeChat or enable WeChat functions via Voice Assistant Cortana


Timeful for iPhone Update Version:

Now supports 24 hour time in the calendar
Fixed crashes for an upcoming OS release
No more #Timeful in the title of Events on your desktop and web Calendars
Habits are now visible even if you have no to-dos
Get a Map to a destination by tapping the location in Event Invitations
Improved the reliability of getting suggestions
It’s easier to drag and resize Events
And various other bug fixes and enhancements


Plane Finder for iPhone & iPad: 

You can now watch your previous flights – all the way back to April 2011! Use playback to replay holiday flights, diversions, major incidents etc. You can also easily see the effects of storms, ATC strikes, volcanic ash clouds and more. Or just relax and use playback to view the flow of air traffic through the day. We hope that you enjoy it.

Improved search – we will now display data for aircraft not currently tracked or flying.

We have fixed a few bugs too – for example Mexicans are no longer operating the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. Sorry about that one!


Plane finder


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