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Facebook’s Stories involved in fame to increase that everyone has been used and popular one in Snapchat. While the same feature if you go with Facebook, it will presume photo and video that will disappear in 24-hours, and if you missed out then you have an oppurtunity to save in your Facebook account. This feature doesn’t know most of the user who active in the Facebook. It will not remove automatically once the story completed 24-hours. In case, you want to continue the Facebook Stories, then you can disable or back again in the normal place.

Disable Facebook’s Your Story Archive:

* Facebook App

* See on the top left-hand side Stories

* On same the track, see on the right-hand side ”Your Archive” and click it. If you post story recently, then you can Story Archive will display photo or videos with a recent post.

* Tap on the top right corner of gear icon.

* This one perform you that Story Archive will be finalized. If you want to turn off, then you have to make a little tweak on settings . Turning off your Facebook’s stories it will not permit to save photo or video on their social media account.

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