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If you are using Mac computer, then you are well versed with Quick Look feature which applies on your macOS. This one work like click and press space bar that’s it. Suddenly, you can realize on your Mac the minimum size popup page will display. The popular feature now comes into Windows, the operating system shows a thumbnails size – but using the program which easily display Quick Look on your computer and that will reach through free of service.

From where, you can download and install QuickLook, this one available on Microsoft Store. After all this process completed. Open your File Explorer, click any file and spacebar to preview the file. This application connect with picture, PDFs, Videos, and MP3 to display the content. And also you can find information on ZIP files.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Additionally, this QuickLook will make pop-up windows with button to load the choosen file as default in the app and that comes really useful for Windows user. You can preview the file through folder with arrow keys.

If you deal with picture, files, and ZIP files through email then this tool is fantastic. Do with once on your computer. That’s it.

Source: QuickLook for Windows

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