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You have already found some mesmerizing feature on Windows 10, adding like a new Cortana, Microsoft’s a new web browser Edge, and Universal apps. As we have to say that Windows 10 gets some advance enhancement with the Start Menu and Search Functionality for files and folders.

When you enter into Windows search box you will meet a many varieties of feature that you can use, but this feature you can’t found on Mac OS X and Linux based operating system. Here the Windows 10 learn many mistake adding a new feature for Windows users. But I can say there are places that need improvement and clutter.

If you are tied to get some files and folder yourself, then you can visit third-party applications. It never gets disappointment to search any files. When you try Windows Search it’s still basic level.


Lookeen, it’s a kind of tool that runs on your desktop to search data wherever you have been saved on your PC drives. While adding on to your computer, it never makes tiredness to finding the results, the way the best quickly drives into the hard drive to get exact documents. It has a feature that gets into unlimited search for the files through design and allow you to edit in the preview section.

From this tool, you could get a free advantage using this application on your Windows. It can save you a lot of time, set you in one place where you file organizing, editing files on Lookeen. It has advanced search filter options.

Lookeen allow you to download both free and paid versions. You can try the free version, before you get into the premium pack.


The Best Search Engine Software for Windows 10

With grepWin, you can search Windows directory and finding those files that matches with your search query and the regular expressions are working during the process.

If you have used Linux or UNIX, then the tool present normally grep command for Windows. When you search particular lines or certain lines of the list, this will save time a few of the functions. So you pick this tool, it is really amazing.


The Best Search Engine Software for Windows 10

SearchMyFiles, it looks like a glassy when you open this tool, but it’s a hide and seek functionality. It’s an opponent tool for Windows. You can search files with a Wildcard. It makes you a clear path in to search where you can’t step in Windows search. For example: searching files with the creation in the last 20 minutes the size between comes 200 and 500 bytes in size, and included with one or more files, that save the list into text, html and a few others, move to clipboard. This tool available in portable, so you can carry on your USB drive without the requirement of installation.

Exselo Desktop:

The Best Search Engine Software for Windows 10

Exselo Desktop is not so popular for Desktop search features, which it’s handled regular functionality and decent look. It has an advanced search query, easy to handle anything with easy interface, share data with secured and Outlook integration.

With this software, it uses powerful search and see lots of details that you want to get files and other application through from your PC, Cloud storage or some other network.

While you are using search files, it uses powerful search engine, Quick result, UI mode, Instant messaging and other useful items are buried inside the Exselo Desktop.

To run this application on your computer Windows 7 and later and also it brings support to Mac OS X.

Registry Finder:

The Best Search Engine Software for Windows 10

However, the Windows 10 has additional searching engine, Registry Finder helps you to search your local registry and involve you to correct errors in your registry or just give up a few touches on your data. When you normally find keys on Windows it gets you result very slow and tough.

The Registry Finder is the one give you free credit to set registry navigation very simple. Any data that you bring under edit section the search keys can able to find that. That means it comes handy and recent history available.

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