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If you are an avid user of Windows 10 S, you can try to find out your device IP address. When you are going to connect different type of devices, you can know about your computer IP address, adding these you can access any devices. Even, you can sort out some issues through troubleshooting.

For this solution, most of the Windows 10 users can launch Command Prompt and run the IPConfig to search the TCP/IP Config. But at the situation, if you are using Surface Laptop or any other device which running through Windows 10 S, you don’t want to use Command Prompt, any other function.

Still, you have a lot more chance using Windows 10 S, you can find out your device IP address through intruding into settings app, and some other functionality.

Task Manager:

* Right-click Taskbar–>Task Manager

* Click More details

* Performance tab

* Choose the network adapter

Through on the network adapter, you can find recent IPv4 and IPv6 config device.

Settings App:

When it comes to Windows 10 S, you can approach through the Settings app which you can look over network config on your device


* Settings

* Click Network & Internet

* Choose the Wireless or Ethernet

* Under ”Properties” you can see the current address IPv4. Along with this you can DNS address, wireless signal, and SSID, MAC address and more.

System Information:

* Load Start

* System Information and click to open the tool

* Network group

* Adapter

On the right, you can search the name (adpater) and you can see the recent address which is next to the IP address, but at the same time you need to point your adapter must meet IPv4 and IPv6 config, and the both will display on the IP address place.

Control Panel:

You can select networking features in Control Panel to check IP address which is signed with your current PC and few other networking config.

* Control Panel

* Network and Internet

* Network and Sharing Center

* Change adapter settings

* Double-click on network adapter

* General–>Details

From ”Network Connection Details” you can see the IP address will display on IPv4 Address. Otherwise, if you are looking IPv6, then the information displays you Link-local IPv6 Address field.

That’s it.

Via: Windows Central

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