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We must point out that ‘Last Seen’ function was introduced and used by WhatsApp. And now the feature has been mocked and some of theme appreciated.

Actually, the feature will display once the person has visited on his account on particular app. But many users don’t want it, because it affects their privacy and more.

When you use WhatsApp, this option can turn off easily from their phone. But when they do this they can’t see others if they are online. Even, this we found on Facebook and Instagram as well.

When you use Truecaller app which comes people to see other profiles from the number. Right now, Truecaller also following others footstep that adding ‘Last Seen’ feature with a different platform. In your app, you can search and request the person information. Howsoever, the privacy threat still leads through ‘Last Seen‘ function. If the Last Seen feature will turn on, anyone can see with number and their activities. If you want to avoid this feature, you can easily turn off the feature on your smartphone.

Turn Off Last Seen on Truecaller:

* Open Truecaller and click on top-left hand side of Menu tab. And that brings out side menu bar.

* Search the Setting tab and tab it easily.

* Tab General tab–>general settings

* You can the slide was activated with blue color. Once you tap on it will be deactivated.

One more interesting thing when the people using an iPhone they can see the availability on your Android. But the Android users doesn’t make placement of the status of iPhone users. This is a limitation of the iOS device.

Source: Truecaller

Via: Guiding Tech 

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