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Jongla App
We feel sometime that top app doesn’t support our mobile device, in this situation, we try to grab or will send feedback to the app developer to bring the updates which is not supporting device. Here it is you can see jongla how arrived on Windows Phone.

Jongla is a Windows Phone App that already serving his features on Android and iOS as a leading instant messenger. This new app going to hit those who are using a Nokia mobile device they can taste right away from Download and install.

Here you can read what the app have inside:

The main service that brings no charges to send unlimited message through out the world While sending a text message you can add Jongla sticker as a default. Chatting is an option to browse YouTube and share to the friends. Your message will be encrypted with TLS encryption. Show your profile with image then only they can trust to accept as friends list. Jongla takes your phone contact, when you are going to sync. Both sides having jongla app then no need to add friends, it will automatically take from the contact list.

Jongla has a Push notification for both sides, if you miss Push notification or it goes offline don’t worry, jongla saves your message as an offline mode until then you are coming online again. The interface looks pretty Good to access of the Windows Phone device.

Jongla App | Windows Phone App  Via: Wpcentral 

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