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1Keyboard app
We look for external Keyboard preparation to include something to buy the new keyboard device. There is an app, it takes extra coverage inside the Mac keyboard and pass through the device that you wish to, and no need to spend a single penny.

If you are avid Mac Notebook user than 1Keyboard is an app, that you can use directly from the Mac to iOS device. 1Keyboard normally it works easily on any Mac is supporting to iOS device system via Bluetooth machine. This app probably does its job with wireless connectivity through from Mac install keyboard. Once it’s available, just click the icon and it will display with key selected from there, you can type the text out of the laptop or desktop version adding iOS device. This function will highlight all the time when you wish to command on the Mac, and also you can keep around the corner, when you face that you need it with clumsy situation.

What I said above, the 1 Keyboard app absolutely free of cost with limited typing format, when you decide to unlock you just pay an a amount of $6.99 for full version. That’s it.

Source: 1Keyboard     Via: cultofmac  |  Lifehacker

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