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If you want to make daily measurements in day to day life, to know what is it? OptimizeMe is an app for iOS that will take care your duty responsibilities and create answers to your questions that offer you make proper decision maker and encouragement on your daily activities.

Individually, you can make your profile record on the app with simple and enjoyable. There is a column to add every daily dose as a record in one single app and also the partner app Moves integrated. In this system doing daily exercise that will record automatically using with a GPS device like walking, Steps, Calories, Sleep and more your track.

Set your daily track records with Ari, after that it will follow you, what do you want to do in coming days, this all it comes from Ari the follower.

The app makes you simple when you need advance thing from the tools. Creating daily charts and statistics to know you, these figures that OptimizeMe prepare the digitalize data on your iOS mobile device.

You can keep your path using with OptimzieMe app whether you are going to be swimmimg, sleep, spend hours of time gym, all that create OptimizeMe deliver your data at the time. The app allow to spend a lot of customization work, to bring track facilities, gym workout, health, mood and attributes this option you can design a colorful in one single screen and find every requirement with new release OptimizeMe app. Your data will be safe when you are going to share the app support to add and edit or completely to delete the data without the time needed from the app.

You can download free OptimizeMe from the Apple’s iTunes Store. The app required Minimum OS of iOS 6 and later versions, this app compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod as well. And also the app optimized with iPhone 5.

Source: OptimizeMe  Via: the next web

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