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Bing screenshot
Microsoft announces his new updates for Bing apps for iOS, adding a standard version of Multi task Search Management, New trending up, and layout. The new features available through at Apple’s App Store to download the updated version.

The company from Microsoft introduce pervasive widget available inside the settings, four finger tab button was integrated to return to the homepage, voice, text or see your current searches. And now Bing App works in multiple way to find negative search results. Let you control all recent searches available on recent page. An easy swipe off the screen, open new page to find new one or close relevant section.

Bing Version 4.4:

  • Watch trending shows like a news article, trending query and Images
  • Add your URL in- built app or Open safari browser to search results
  • Get fast search web pages by adding into the new Bookmark manager
  • Shake your iPhone, the app allows to read a new trending story

Source : Bing for iPhone   Via: The next web 

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