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Image Credit: Instapaper blog

Image Credit: Instapaper Blog

Instapaper gives you a nice update that users can read articles to Kindle from your iOS devices, and you can add streaming video to your AirPlay, and more features.

Instapaper v 5.1.5 new updates:

Instapaper Daily now you can see on ”browse” items, and shows top story articles everyday. Through from the Instapaper app subscribers can send articles to read later view to kindle, In this features Kindle email address has to register on Instapaper. Watch Streaming videos on AirPlay, return the previous article pagination was integrated left and right side of the pages. Auto renewable for Instapaper, users has to add their profile like name, email address and country code. This feature now lets you control through from iTunes Store, unless you can unsubscribe the edition the same of Apple’s iTunes. Finally, the developer made a some big changes after aquirement of betaworks of the app.

Source: Instapaper for iOS, Instapaper blog  Via: the next web

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