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Newegg screenshot
Newegg Premier has taken a new service from the Amazon Prime Customer to deliver shipping items.

Now, the Newegg Premier subscription offers a lot of benefits for the customer, who willing to get a $50 a yearly service. The service only allows for subscriber to get free expedited shipping within 3 days or less than, the discount rate will get 2 days or one day. Advance notification tells your new arrival and events, so you will be in the first queue. If you are Premeir customer then no restocking fees will be collected. Newegg allow deals for only primary consumers and dedicated customer service provider. Along with shipping goods you will get a complimentary gift products. This offer only for Limited time period. If you like you don’t want to spend money, then here is the trail version of 30 days with sign in process.

Via: Techcrunch 

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