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Google Smarty Pins screenshot2
Google Company has recently produced a new Smarty Pins game on the web. This one useful to improve geography knowledge and choosing the locations with trivia on the Google Maps. The game is very easy to handle and ask you to select the subtitles, whether entertainment, Arts and culture or sports and games to move the trivia through maps to pin it right direction.

Google Smarty Pins screenshot

Basically, the game starts with 1000 miles to give users to drop the trivia on the map and if it is correct, then you will get some bonus point and also asking selective or random questioned from favorite category. Once you have fixed the title the first question will be highlighted on the left hand side and the trivia left over to the near the location that you need to find and pin the location, after that the name of the place shows you to submit the answer which you have pinned on the maps. The 15 second bonus point help you to provide the answer for the question. To find exact location you can use bonus point they will deduct to give the hint. After finishing the game perfectly, Google will award you with gold, silver, diamond and bronze. If you pin wrong location Smarty Pins will deduct which you have earned before. One you out of the miles. Then you think the game is over.

Google Smarty Pins screenshot1

Google shares your total score with friends and colleagues through social networks.

Source: Smartypins   Via: CNET

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