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Lockdown Pro Can Do Lock Any Apps, Smooth Handling, User Interface on Android Device
Your smart phone will carry a lot of applications inside the device, Which may help you to work with a variety of projects that mostly done with this app. What kind of support that this app bringing up in front of you? Mainly Text message, Photo and video sharing with the friends, and social media assessment. Lockdown Pro, it comes you free and material design app on Android market and you can use very easily, the gorgeous user interface and bubble type of activity.

Lockdown Pro is a glossy design and having a bundle of features all you can access on your mobile device. The app brings to the user that it makes more possibility to lock any kind of application in many ways to keep avoid intruders. Once you have installed Lockdown Screen Pro on your device, and you will be highlighted with a small description of how to be prepared by the application on duty.

Lockdown Pro takes full importance with advance capacity. If you have installed any application in the mobile that will be divided from that factory installed application on the mobile. Now, you can clarify that which application are you going to lock for your private access.

Password Mode: Pattern, Classic, and Calculator:
If you want to lock any application then here is the option facilities like Pattern, Classic and Calculator and I will choose the most preferable item is Calculator which it comes to me easy on the way. Then the app opens immediately. If you want to lock the application, enter your secret sum and you can see the outflow of the sum. For this you can change various theme settings that will available for download to the Pattern unlock or password. So you have many choices to build the security level of your application.


Private Gallery: Keep Away Your Photos and Videos:
All of your private photos and videos are having in your mobile folder that will disappear as soon as possible now. Once you have made the process at the same time you can bring it back with unhide process, For this before uninstalling the app you need to unhide the files first.


Smart Lock: Trusted Devices, WiFi, Location:
In this feature, you can lock with an auto locking system that you can access out from the device using Bluetooth, WiFi, Android Wear, Car and more.


Observer: A person who watches or notices Something else:
If someone seeking your mobile without your permission to access, the auto send email process will be indicate you, if anyone access more than three times using with password, taking pictures in front camera, all the information you will get through email.


A thing that is not genuine is called Fake. In this way, when you try the particular app that will be locked with force and notice will be displayed on mid screen of the app. And also the app replaces the default lock screen with Lock Screen Pro. Your backup and restore file will be signed into Google drive or usable memory card.

You can find some great feature on Lock Screen Pro like variety of themes are available in store with material design, In this function you can find for the app improvement with translating feedback and more than thirty plus language is helping the user to get more support from us. These are the factor that dumped inside the Lock Screen Pro. We have already mentioned above that this application comes free to download from Play Store and also free ads. That’s it.

Source: Lockdown Pro for Android

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