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Now Netflix Online TV Play Like Regular TV Channel On OttoPlay Extension

First of all, you have to know about Netflix is an on-demand streaming movies and TV media. It can accessible whoever lives US, Australia and European Union.

Well, I am not going to describe about Netflix, but watching movies and TV channels are coming more flexible where you watch directly on Netflix. You can find on Chrome Web Store OttoPlay extension is fully compatible with Chrome browser that let you allow to watch streaming TV show may offer you. The extension allows Netflix, Hulu and YouTube video service at the moment, but accessing the streaming media the service it will provide a few countries.

It’s a disappointment to everyone, who love to watch streaming shows. Anyway, it’s a time to know that how the Netflix play on this extension.

Once you have installed the OttoPlay on your Google Chrome Browser, you can find the extension icon on the top right corner and click the icon the OttoPlay runs in fullscreen mode from there you can begin to play a stream TV channel. If you live in the US region, then ok. Otherwise the extension display “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States“.

After, the extension view in Fullscreen, you can give Esc button will display a menu list with the category of Drama, Comedy, and Kids on the left hand side. And you can select any show within the title topic to play the videos. The video is listed into a random style you will get to watch continuously. That’s it.

Source: OttoPlay for Chrome Extension  Via: Ghacks

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