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Companion 2.0 for iOS Adds GPS Enabled, Auto Emergency Detection And More

We all look about safety and security to our community lovers, Companion app is the one that never allow you to walk alone to family or friends and these keep watching you as you travel anywhere alone in the night. Wherever you start to go and you will get a complete safety with this iOS app.

Companion v 2.0:

– A ton of UI updates (you could call it a makeover or full reconstructive surgery)
– Better GPS tracking! No more of that squiggly green line…
– Let your Companions or your campus safety department that you feel nervous. Completely Anonymous!
– Automatic emergency detection. We’ll check in with you if you start running, fall over, or have your headphones yanked out while in use. Don’t worry, you’ve got 15 seconds to confirm you are okay before we alert your Companions.
– Store your recent locations! Now you can start a trip in just a few seconds. Ain’t nobody got time to type!
– When triggered, your phone becomes a personal alarm system emitting an ear-piercing sound that can be heard for miles. Don’t try this out in class…
– Many more feature updates and bug fixes!

The Companion app now gets a new update to the version 2.0, it brings a some ton of user interface update features, better GPS tracking facilities, safety comes anonymous, automatic detection and you can save your recent location and more.

Source: Companion for iOS, Android 

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