Dual Display Mouse Manager Will Configure Mouse Cursor On Multiple Displays

Image Credit:DDMM Sourceforge

Dual Display Mouse Manager is a free Windows software, if you use two or more multiple screens of the time,the mouse cursor reduces the movements at the edge of the screen.

Still, the mouse cursor shows there is no overdue to replace on to the multiple screens, the future it may careless on that time.

Sourgeforge’s Dual Display Mouse Manager (DDMM) is a portable windows application. You can easily download and unzip the file to make run the program first as a default without any issues,  no more. The tool can detect automatically to set the monitor sizes. It uses two or more screens to help mouse cursor chases into the graphical user interface control. You may ”allow border crossing after a delay” which it comes 150 milliseconds (ms) or ”if you uncheck both and get stuck try shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+D” gives you clean result. For mouse control, Allow mouse region jump using shortcuts Ctrl+, lets you allow to go straight away.

This program can identify the screen and setups automatically to give a best performance. For this you can change the mode automatic to manual mode, whether you get any notification from the program where it was not working. If you want to set the screen left, right, top or bottom of the screen through manual. In this case, you can see the preview section through testing before you share them.

Using Dual Display Mouse Manager is a simple program for use to work with multiple screen monitor. It may worth and much easier whoever interested to switch between two or more monitor screen, it can prevent that not to happen.

Source: Dual Display Moouse Monitor Via: Ghacks 

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