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All-in-One Messenger Is a Single Chat Application Connects WhatsApp, Skype and More

Now, you can stay away from different apps to switch apps in many times. All you have to install All-in-One Messenger that keeps your favorite services and the rest under in one chat application.

Meantime, you will get a lot of notifications and huge messages from various social apps, you can’t easily respond those messages landing and making few conversations. It comes to you very hard to handle those services individually. It’s all about messaging.

There is one solution, the name was mentioned All-in-One Messenger, and this one support for chrome app, so this extension compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS on your computer. This free chrome extension that completely works on the web version for chat that may help you to message at the same time and place.

This app amusing and very simple, the new All-in-One Messenger is not a new type of service we have seen many like this. For example: Franz app is already allowing the same functionality.

At the back, the chat clients were installed, The huge items of chat apps some other apps like WrChat, Telegram, and find you more.

Finally, the All-in-One Messenger available Chrome Web Store.

Source: All-in-One Messenger for Chrome Extension

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