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Enable or Disable GIFs Automatically Playing on Your Firefox

An easy way you can explore your thoughts, with GIFs. But the animated file doesn’t support in most of the place, it may annoy when you are unsuspecting of them. And also they make you troublesome and stuck to load the page.

The site Maketecheasier point out, In some place you don’t want to deal the GIFs, all you have to do simply stay with disabling and load the site page very faster and set frenzy a standard level. Here are the few steps that you can hold the process, it’s all about your choice picking the browser you can try on Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

My selection is Firefox to stop the GIFs:

* Open Firefox and Enter about: config on address bar.

* Hit Enter button.

* Next type image. animation on the top search bar

* Make double-click on ”normal

* Enter string value

* image. animation_mode

* In the box enter ”none” –>Ok

After disabling the GIFs, if you feel sick and you want to return back the same way you have to approach or you can take the upper hand of a third-party application that will make quickly to disable or enable the GIFs on your Firefox browser. The same way you can stop the GIFs without permission those files are running on your browser like Internet Explorer, and many.

Via: Maketecheasier

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