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The fast growing usage of social media, safety is utmost important. When you create a strong password may help you a lot, but you can’t believe those things it can be hacked someone.

To include multiple protection layer, you need to use two-factor authentication. Two-Factor Authentication is a kind of feature that user need to verify the account before enter using the password. For this you are welcome to use the code which you receive as a text message through on your registered mobile.Using verification code that only user can access their social account.

In this article, you can see which social media has two-factor authentication (2FA) continuing.


How To Activate Two-Factor Authentication on Multiple Social Accounts

Facebook brings multiple layer to make tighten user account that only user can access their account against intruders.

To run this, go ahead to Facebook’s Settings–>two-factor authentication. If you don’t add your mobile number, then go ahead with. Click Setup–>Enable and add your Facebook password to make sure. If your device becomes new to use Facebook account, the code you will receive on your mobile. You have to add the code along with your password to make successfully log in.

Google Plus:

If you are a constant user from Google Plus, then you are welcome using two-factor authentication.

To start, Go ahead Google’s Settings–>Get Started. It’s a common that you need to include the mobile number to collect the code through text message or install the Authenticator app on your mobile phone. Even, you can choose ”Google Prompt” once you enabled, you have to accept the prompt from your most trusted device, and it will stay always automatic.


How To Activate Two-Factor Authentication on Multiple Social Accounts

Twitter is a microblogging site, it has a two-factor authentication, which provide user to stay with high security level on their Twitter account.

The social media has set a ”Login Verification.” To activate, load the Twitter account, and Click the Settings. Click Verify login requests–>Okay, send me a message–>Yes. You will receive a verification code. Click the Send code to include your phone number. Add the code to send to your phone device and Submit.

Whenever you get into the Twitter account, you can collect the 6 digit login code on your mobile. Add the code along with your created password to make login to your Twitter account.


Recently, Instagram rolled out his two-factor authentication. To run this function, load the Instagram app–> Profile page. Settings icon–>Tap Two-Factor Authentication–>Require Security Code. Finally, you will receive the security code on your mobile number

Whenever you log in to your Instagram account, your mobile phone receives a code. Enter the code with your password. Unfortunately, you didn’t receive the code you can some alternative way like backup code.



To activate, load LinkedIn and Click Privacy Settings. Scroll down to Security tab–> Change–>Two-step verification–>Turn on. Your phone receives the security code and enter into the box to make Verify. Finally, you will be succeed to  log in to your LinkedIn account.


Pinterest is a popular tool to make sharing the content, for some time it has a security problem. Right now the company rectified the whole things.

To run, Pinterest brings two-factor authentication, move to Pinterest’s Settings. Tap Security–>Require code at login–>Next. Your phone receives the code and make Verify. Now, you can make sure that your Pinterest account enabled with two-factor authentication.


Snapchat runs two-factor authentication through all over the devices. To activate. Load the Snapchat on your phone. Tap the ghost icon–>Settings–>Login Verification–>Continue. Finally, verify through text or Authentication app.

If you have any idea about two-factor authentication, which social media follows, then give me comment below the comment box. We will update the one you pointed out.

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