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Apps are the key that fits on most of the smartphones, but the subscription-based apps are tie up with us to make the rotation. The usage of apps sometime it will not comes regularly to make program against those feature. which make you annoying things sometimes. Even, one the subscription end it will notify through email to make next payment if you want to continue.

The Recent arrival of iPhone device makes some seasoning that gives opportunity some good things to do on your iOS which will allow you to make a double check on your subscription-based apps on your docks. Here is the simple step which apps that tied up with subscription with Apple ID and how to cancel the subscription.

* Go ahead to Settings app on your phone home screen.

* Tap Apple ID name, and continue ”iTunes & App Store” section.

* You can on the top Apple ID with blue color. Once you tap on that, choose ”View Apple ID” in pop-up menu.

* To know your account details, use Touch ID or PIN

* After you logged in, tap the ”Subscriptions” 

* From their you can see a list of apps which you have already subscribed on the app

* Now, you can tap every single app to control the subscription and you know renewed, cancel the service.

Via: Mashable 

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