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For a long time you have been using Chrome and now you decided to switch Firefox and make you much easier. Firefox can easily import your all data from Chrome like Save password, search history, bookmarks and more.

Even, if you want to import from Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer this Firefox can do pretty much well.

How To migrate your Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Search History and Cookies:

Firefox it will prompt you to make import the data when you first install on your system device. Otherwise, your Firefox already installed and you want to import the data, you have to load tool manually. If you going to find the tool the feature was hidden you need to go through Bookmarks Manager.

To get inside the Bookmarks Manager, Click Library icon–>Bookmarks–>Show All Bookmarks, or use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B.

Click Import and Backup on toolbar–> Import Data From Another Browser or if you want to import bookmarks from Chrome or other browsers as HTML file, you just click ”Import Bookmarks from HTML” and choose the HTML file.

* Import Wizard–> Import Settings and Data–> Choose the browser and Click Next button to make import the data from the Chrome. To ensure, before you start this program you need to be close down the Chrome browser.


As a default, Firefox allows to import Chrome’s Browsing history, Save passwords, and more. Even you can select particular data to import through uncheck any feature.

Once you complete steps, Firefox import all the data and the noticing you that import was successfully completed. Now, you can check out that Chrome bookmarks will be placed on your Firefox. A once more important issue that Firefox doesn’t import other data, you need to find some top add-ons to do the function.

Firefox has own sync features on the browser, you can set the data on the computer and tablets.

Via: How-To Geek 

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