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If you are using Reddit some other way frequently, then Reddit will become a threat to your stability – but at the same time it will not affect your computer system device. After working with beta-testing, Reddit finally ends up with the complete version through two-factor authentication to all the users.

To set more security to Reddit, it’s not a bank account, and if you bring extra protection to the account, the only reason that you are sending messages frequently. For this here you can learn how to enable two-factor authentication.

* Sign in Reddit account

* Click Preferences–>Password/Email tab

* You can find Preferences will you find on the top- right hand of the screen.

* Enable Two-Factor Authentication

* Scroll down the page at the bottom, and choose enable the feature under ”Two-Factor Authentication” toward.

* Confirm your email id

* To activate your authenticator, you need to use your smartphone, for this Google Authenticator or Authy, which can support your both Apple and Android phone. After that you can scan the QR code or enter the key manually; and your program will run immediately. Finally, you receive a six digit verification code, that number you need to enter on your computer and Click Continue.

Finally, you are done, whenever you get into login to Reddit, you need to use secondary code. That’s it.

Source: Reddit

Image Credit:  Jurgen Appelo/ Flickr

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