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In the past, you need to spend enough time to create a cover letter and some related jobs on your PC. It’s hard to maintain those working styles. Sometime it may cause your body texture.

The thing about how many times that you do the same process to make a cover letters and so many things that you are doing on a daily basis. If you want to skip those and old working style you need to put everything simple shortcut when you appear in your word, then this is the steps that you always need to follow whenever you enter into word functionality. You are able to save shortcode and boost the productivity in many areas.

Here is the step that replaces the text with full content.

To generate text expansions on Microsoft’s Word, you need to touch AutoCorrect function. And also it will automatically include the words or swap the line to display in short way.

* Load Microsoft Word, type and highlight the content to appear through the shortcut.

* Highlight those texts with your mouse.

* File–>Options–>Proofing–AutoCorrect Options.

* See the highlighted text will be displayed in a text box.

* Replace box you can add shortcut –> Click Add.

Once you completely get changed, on word that you enter everything with space button the word will get automatically which will replace the shortcut with full expansion.

That’s it.

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