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It has been popular for searching anything as a browser, Chrome it’s a web giant to surf the content with an support of Google. Recently, there was an issue that you can see a small popup notification from the sites. Which is asking you to send notifications, and this can clearly disturb anyway, for this you can completely stop this prompting to allow notification if you wish.

We can’t say this function doesn’t worthy in all format. When you access Facebook you could face these notifications, and this feature may help you if you are losing Facebook app then this option really notify you through the mobile site as a new message. For this concept, Google reaches out on Chrome browser, but most of the websites start disturbing our searching experience. Unfortunately, you have an option that you can disable on your Android phone. it comes pretty easy and catchy.

If you are ready to turn off teasing notification prompts and block notifications from displaying even you aren’t at the point, all you have to do you have to stay with a few steps.

* Load Chrome browser

* Tap menu button on the top right side of the address bar

* Settings

* Site Settings

* Inside of Site Settings –> Notifications and tap toggle to make disable function.

Finally, the feature block notifications if you have approved in the past. And also this feature secure asking new notification from new sites.

That’s it.

Source: Chrome Browser of Android

Via: Gadgethacks

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