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When you use a browser the notification announces new updates of the websites. If you are searching particular website on popular browser engine, the send notifications for new blog post, offers, and more. Allowing these notifications sometime it comes more useful same like a Gmail where you can see the email will notify one any email or offer that comes through from the company or recipient.

But at the same time, choosing this formula some websites make you abuse with non-stop notifications. These options some time make you disturb and change your focus somewherelse.

These operations you can make block when your site send notifications. To stop this action you need to perform every single site, to avoid this function you are welcome from the browser to stop websites that sends you notifications.

Here are the shortlisted browser if you are using regularly for your device.

Disable Google Chrome:

Disable notifications in Google Chrome for Android, below step it can help you.

* On the top right corner you can see three-dot menu button

* Settings

* Site Settings

* Notifications

* Ask before allowing sites to send notifications(recommended) next show activated with blue color slider that you need to turn off.

After, you disable the connectivity, you can see the notification gets blocked. Now, you are free from the notifications all the sites.

Note: In the past , if you allow notifications those sites, and that still leads, and you will receive notifications. Whether you want to stop the notifications those sites, here is the step that you can follow to put end the notifications.

* Allowed

* Select the site link and tap on it

* Permissions under Notifications Block or Allow and Ok

Switch Off Mozilla Firefox Notifications:

If you are using Firefox, then this one doesn’t allow you to disable site notifications from the settings window. For this you need to get into Firefox hidden settings like you need to use about:config on the page.

Steps to follow you from here:

* about:config through URL bar and Enter

* Click I accept the risk

* Notifications through search bar

* Search and make double-click dom.webnotifications.enabled.

* If the Firefox settings value gets changed into false, then you know the site notifications was completed the mission that point disabled.

Either, you already granted permission to your favorite site to send notifications you can bring them through Firefox settings.

* Firefox–>Preferences

* Privacy & Security on the sidebar

* Settings button

* From there you can see the complete list of sites that you given send notifications. From there you can prompt Allow or Deny and choose every site.

Turn Off Microsoft Edge Notifications:

Microsoft Edge, it brings a light notification on each an every website. But, Microsoft Edge doesn’t let you allow to block visibly on the site notifications. Although, you can prepare to configure the notifications each site.

* Click menu icon–> Settings

* Advanced settings–>Website permissions

Above steps find you a result to block the site notifications.

That’s it.

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