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Basically, if you receive picture or video through contact in WhatsApp, it will load automatically and stored in your phone gallery. It means receiving every of photos or videos in WhatsApp that can be visible to anyone and accessible from your phone default gallery. Now, there was an new update feature which may help you to keep photo and video in secure place without using on Android.

This function in WhatsApp in beta on your Android, you can try easily if you are in beta version. For this WhatsApp beta from Google Play Store.

The new option in WhatsApp beta on your Android that protect photo and video to do automatically and not to store in your phone default gallery. To do this process make sure your WhatsApp to be a beta and you can test in two ways.

Hide Pictures & Videos in WhatsApp:

If you are interested to hide photos and videos in phone gallery for all chats through WhatsApp, all you have to do tap three vertical dots on the top right corner. After that tap ”Settings” and choose ”Chats.” At the end confirm ”Show media gallery” to disable under ”Media visibility” to assure this function not to become default for all chats.

Revoke Settings Per Chat or Group:


One or group of your chat’s media files to make hidden from your phone gallery, you don’t have to depend on wide settings to complete. Better you can change every chat’s setting to your requirements.

Let’s start, choose one of your contact or chat name on the top. Under Media –> Media visibility. A small popup message will display in the middle of app screen. You can see a three choices:

* Default, will apply to all chat threads until you didn’t bring any changes on it. This one set all threads as a default on your WhatsApp.

* Yes, if you select this option the app save all pictures and videos on your device phone gallery as default.

* No, This option ride into hide all of incoming photos and videos from your phone’s media gallery app through conversation.

Anyway, above options are you interest based upon your situation. Otherwise, you can set a ”Default” which you can get to go with all features without interupt. In future, you want to bring any changes on them it can be possible work for you.

That’s it.

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