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You have a lot of experience with this media player, whether you work with computer or mobile device. If the experience comes out through on desktop computer. VLC media player is complete full furnished software tool runs on any devices. This program is a long time popular on Windows giving free and open source to their users. And it can play any kind file formats.

When you play with VLC, if it’s disturb any feature from the way, you watch videos or using most advance elements. then here is a some small tweak that you can apply your style on VLC.

Load the VLC, and you need to enter into customization, then Tools–>Customize Interface, and you can see 4 tabs bring you customize with an support of Main Toolbar.

To change the settings on VLC, drag the feature from Toolbar Elements box on the top. When you give modification on this media player keep on Preview what good things that you had in their modification.

Apart from Main Toolbar tab, you can bring some changes on Time Toolbar, Advanced Widget, and Fullscreen Controller. Finally, to active View–>Advanced Controls. That’s it.

After doing all this customization, Click to Close button to apply your changes on VLC media player interface. And this one will keep you in safe position to run any file format.

That’s it.

Source: VLC

Via: MakeUseOf

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