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Did you installed a lot of apps from the play store and you made auto updates for every application and you offer your phone data package, it’s gone within the night? Do you know where it’s gone for? Here you need to make continously to read everything that your Google Play Store gets auto updates for your installed apps and you want to put a hold of them.

Normally, you have been installed apps from play store and that gets download updates automatically to make more experience from your phone or tablet. Generally, this habit for good thing, but you may get slow internet experience or stop doing this kind of process, because you lose much data for this you need to set manually the apps as you bring regularly. Let’s get into the subject.

Disable auto-update:

  • load Google Play Store–>hamburger menu on the top left and select Settings.
  • Play store–> Auto-update apps.
  • The small page will option in the middle of the play store. You can three choices by selecting any one of them Do not auto-update apps, Auto-update apps over any network, and Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.
  • While choosing the third one. You need to care about the apps which get an update from a developer that you need to make a manual update in future. Otherwise, you can select above two of them.

Manually Update apps inside Play Store:

  • If you set manual app update, and where you have to do the process manually. To start manually those app update, you may go through My apps & games through on Google Play Store, load the navigation drawer and choose update button next to the app.
  • See the list of tabs of your installed apps. Normally, your installed apps that located in main list of Installed tab, you can find the apps are shown in categories.
  • If you click ‘Update’ tab then you can see the list of apps to get update available on the top. You can choose and make update. That’s it.

Via: AndroidPit

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