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SpinMe, it’s kind of Alarm Clock App is running until now on iOS device, after year, SpinMe app was launched into the Android mobile device.

The main concept of SpinMe, if you want switch off the alarm, you need to do manually to get out of your bed and take around from the place twice to spin the device, almost your timer will be ended.


The app deeply followed by iPhone, SpinMe is now working perfectly on Android. When you start SpinMe to stop the alarm, first you need to release from the bed and stand up to hold the device and spin two times around the circle until the alarm stop. There is no more service to choose a different day of time only once you have the option to settle down.

You have more option to choose a variety of apps are available on Google Play Store, that fulfil your thoughts, set the timer, but SpinMe is a variety of alarm formats, that you need to take physical action turn off or on. I suggest you this app to all Android lover those who are not following a daily exercise, at least this app gives you twice to turn around from the place to keep in fit. If you like this app, no need to go here and there only in Play store. That’s it.

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