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Microsoft Outlook, it can make you more flexible and powerful, even you don’t care about using emails. But the question comes all over, when you open Outlook it greets with ”Welcome to Outlook” on main screen and ask you enter your email ID.

The site MakeUseOf editor Saikat Basu point out that you can go ahead without an email address on Outlook. This tool allows you to use calendar, tasks, and contact management. Here you can get the tips to try on your Windows.

A Simple Way You Can Use Outlook Without an Email Account:

To run this process, you need to click the Windows buttons and type the text in the search box and give Enter button.

outlook.exe /pim <your profile name>

Before you give enter button, you need to follow the space in between ”.exe” and ”/PIM” and also skip the space on profile name. Now, your Outlook loads without using an email, it works for contacts, tasks and calendar details.

Any information that you generate on this Outlook profile that only available on your local computer PC. The rest of the information that sync unless you didn’t include the email account on Outlook and that brings sharing your contacts, tasks and calendar info.

If you change your mind to add email account, then you need to follow below steps.

* File–>Add account and start including email ID

* Link Backup PST files into Outlook. Go ahead to File–>Open&Export–>Open Outlook Data File. After the data file will be turned into default Outlook through from File –>Account Settings–>Data Files–>Set as Default.

Above settings help you to bypass the email account in Outlook. That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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