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While using notifications are great and useful feature on any device. But activating this function it gives non-stop and triggers out. Anywhere you can see particularly in group chats. You will receive continously from the group chat users. And you don’t have to open through application.

If you have experienced with WhatsApp and Telegram, you can stop the notifications and stay away the continous noise.

Turn Off Notification on WhatsApp:

* WhatsApp–>Settings–>Notifications


* Uncheck right mark in Conversation tones box to make silence all messages.

* Under Conversation tones, you can Message notifications and Group notifications headers brings same feature which are they Notification tone, Vibrate, Popup notification, and Light.

* Either you want to make mute group chat, and need to activate notifications, Notification tone under Group notifications and Slient. Through on this you will receive notifications every new arrival messages, but the message doesn’t make you sound.

* If you want to make temporarily chat mute, choose any chat, and tap on the top right corner three-dot menu button. Mute notifications, and you can choose 8 hours, 1 week, 1 Year, and display notification on the chat user.

Turn Off Notifications on Telegram:

* Load Telegram–>Settings–>Notifications and Sounds

* From there you can find separate option Message notifications and Group notifications.

* Now, you can easily disable altogether through Alert slider.


* For group chats, tap Sound–> Silent.

* Open particular user chat–>Mute notifications–>Mute for 1 hour, 8 hours, 2 days, and disable.

Source: WhatsApp, Telegram

Via: MakeUseOf

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