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It has been double on understanding that playing with personal data and how these tech companies are making more money through advertisement. It’s not a big deal those people who want to keep everything their data to be secure and more private.

One of the few ways that you can use private browser settings when you are in online. Here is the step that you can enable on your Mobile and PC through Chrome browser.

Before you start setting private browsing on your Google Chrome, you need to know about Private browsing. It will refer to the browser session where the browsing doesn’t hold history, cookies, and web caches. Others like passwords, auto-fill data are connected into private browsing.

You can easily enable private browsing through built-in tools on your browser, though Chrome’s incognito mode. And also you can use a Chrome extension to secure the history from the storage.

First, you need to understand that private browsing is not the same as you are using VPN. This private browsing protects from your local storage not to be stored through surfing internet. Even, private browsing doesn’t verify your IP address. And also it will not hide from the internet activities or network admin.

This private browsing only runs into the browser tool, and you can trace your internet activities that stored any application out from the browser. It’s more important that you understand this is completely different.

Enable Chrome’s Private Browser (Desktop PC):

While enabling Incognito mode it will not come easier. If you are using the desktop browser, then you just use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. And also you can use the drop-down menu to get into the New incognito window to activate private browser activities in particular window.

You can confirm your browser incognito mode on the desktop for Chrome through Incognito icon. See the icon that looks like a hat and glasses, on the top right-hand side. next to the search bar.

Enable Incognito Mode in Chrome on Mobile Phone:

Running Chrome on your smartphone, you can bring Incognito mode through click on the drop-down menu on the top right next to the URL bar. From there, you can choose New incognito tab and the private browsing mode in a new tab when it open.

Same like this you can enable on Safari browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and more. That’s it.


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